Race Tech Shock Bleeding Tool


Innovative tool available for technicians!

The Vacuum Master Shock Bleeding Tool (TSVM 01) is an innovative tool used to fill and bleed shocks, and increase efficiency. Guaranteeing every job is completed with the same quality and precision. Race Tech’s “Vacuum Master” will save time and money and is perfect for any motorcycle professional or eager enthusiast that services shocks.  A variety of adapters are available for most shock types, including Race Tech, WP PDS and Ohlins Shocks, and for Hydraulic Preload Adjusters, Ohlins Steering Damper and Assorted Bladders.


The TSVM 01 package contains instructions and any two Adapters of choice at no charge. If a Bladder Adapter is selected it will be accompanied by a single Adapter Plate (TPVM ABP70) also at no cost. Any Bladder Adapters purchased afterwards will be sold individually without an Adapter Plate as the Plate is interchangeable. Bladder Adapters require an Adapter Plate that can be interchanged on all sizes. Additional Adapters are $19.99 each.