Red Bull X Fighters Results on (VIDEO)

We knew this event was going to be major. With a line up to beat all and a hyped up Mexican crowd to boot, the webcast of the Red Bull X Fighters was always going to be a scorcher.

To catch the highlights of what was only the start on an incredible season and see who is up on the leader board, check the winning runs on

The next installment from this years Red Bull X Fighters season will come from Rio de Janeiro where FMX meets Samba. Matadors will be replaced with scantily clad dancers. Bring it on! will continue it’s coverage of this amazing spectacle so you don’t have to miss out.

Red Bull X-Fighters Highlights –

Red Bull X-Fighters 1st Mat Rebeaud –

Red Bull X-Fighters 2nd Danny Torres –

Red Bull X-Fighters 3rd Jeremy Lusk –