Rest & Recovery Between Motos

The small window of time a racer has for rest and recovery between motos might be the most important minutes of the entire day. On the track, the body is working feverishly to keep up with the demands put upon it, adjusting to make the most of the rapid breaths that bring oxygen to aching muscles. But when the checkered flag flies and the pace calms down, it begins repairing the damage done by short breathes, rigorous action, and oppressive heat. And don’t forget that it is subjected to the same treatment again a short time later, maybe even a few times depending on how many motos the racer has signed up for.

Ryan Fedorow and Dr. H. Rey Gubernick (better known as Doc G) join Justin Bogle every weekend that the GEICO Honda rider competes, and together the two have helped bring the young racer to new levels of physical health. Need further proof of their accomplishment? Simply take a look at Bogle’s 2014 Monster Energy Supercross East Coast Regional championship trophy, which came just months after a vicious crash broke the racer’s back and had many wondering if he’d even line up for the indoor season. Remnants of the injury are still having an effect on Bogle, but Doc G’s healing hands and Fedorow’s mapped out training plans have put him in the front pack throughout the summer.

We stopped by the GEICO Honda rig between motos at Unadilla and watched as the two helped Bogle rest and prepare for the next run on the track. Fedorow made sure the racer enjoyed a quick meal and recovery drink, all while helping lower his body temperature. Doc G looked over Bogle to make sure that no injuries had occurred in the sixteen-lap sprint, and before long had him back on the starting gate for another go.

The information the Fedorow and Doc G shared may seem like things only a professional rider could afford or care about, but is valuable information for every weekend warrior. In addition to the tools and gear taken to the track on each visit, be sure to pack easy to digest food, water or an electrolyte drink, and clean rags in a cooler.

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Rest & Recovery Between Motos