Ride Along With DM18, RV1, JS7 At Anaheim One Via GoPro

Still looking for more from Anaheim One? You’re in luck. GoPro just sent the video footage from Saturday night our way, and we have to say that it is pretty damn impressive. With the new Hero 3 atop the helmets of James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Jessy Nelson, Scott Champion, and 450 main event winner Davi Millsaps, you get to see just how quickly things happen on the track without risking life and limb. Make sure you switch to 1080 quality and watch for these things in the videos:

1. Jessy Nelson’s massive heat race holeshot.

2. How smooth the track is for the first 250 heat race.

3. James Stewart hitting the quad in the back rhythm section over Mike Alessi.

4. Trey Canard coming in hot on the right side of the screen numerous times and passing on Davi Millsaps for the lead.

5. Davi’s last lap surge, counter pass for the lead, and post-race celebration.

6. Ryan Villopoto getting shuffled back in the start of the main and his numerous bobbles in the opening lap.

7. How clearly you can see the “EZ” cartoon on the top of Scott Champion’s DEFT gloves.


Jessy Nelson – 250 Heat One

Davi Millsaps – 450 Main Event

James Stewart – 450 Main Event

Ryan Villopoto – 450 Main Event

Scott Champion – 250 Heat One