Ride Engineering Supports 15 Riders In 2013

Ride Engineering has a long list of support teams and riders in 2013 Supercross & Arenacross

Look around the pits at your local Supercross and you will find lots of teams sponsored by Ride Engineering and running some or all of the following products: Triple Clamps, Bar Mounts, Lowering Links, Brake Lines, Brake Calipers, Engine Plugs, Brake Clevis and Axle Blocks.

On Yamaha YZ450s: Velocity 3 (Riders: Kyle Chisholm & Bobby Kiniry)
On Yamaha YZ450s: N-Fab Ti Lube (Riders: Chris Blose & Phil Nicoletti)
On Kawasaki KX450Fs: JAB Motorsports (Rider: Matt Lemoine)
On Kawasaki KX250Fs: JAB Motorsports (Riders: Gannon Audette & Van Martin)
On Kawasaki KX450Fs: Privateer Cody Gilmore
On Kawasaki KX450Fs: Privateer Kevin Rookstool
On Kawasaki KX250Fs: EMT Racing (Rider: Dillon Epstein)
On Kawasaki KX250Fs: ADR Motorsports (Riders: Gareth Swanepoel & Ricky Dietrich)
On Honda CRF250s: Moto Concepts (Rider: Jake Canada)

In Arenacross, support riders include:
On Kawasaki KX250Fs: Mike McDade
On Honda CRF250s: Kyle White

Visit: http://www.ride-engineering.com/sponsor.php for images and details of which Ride Engineering components each rider prefers.