Ride Engineering Uses CR Axle In KTM Motorcycles

On current model KTMs it is very difficult to align the chain by sight, something we take for granted with the Japanese models. To this end, Ride Engineering has designed a new axle block kit for KTMs with a tab on the end that has markings that can be easily seen and measured off the end of the swingarm. To address the issue of the OEM press fit, we are using a CRf450 axle instead. Now both blocks simply slip onto the axle. The whole kit sells for $99.95 and is available directly from Ride Engineering. Customers can also purchase the Honda axle (42301-KRN-A30), nut (90305-KZ4-J20) and washer (90401-KZ4-J20) from any Honda dealer. The Ride Engineering KTM axle blocks are made from aircraft quality aluminum and available in black and orange.

KT-BAB00-BA (BLACK) msrp $54.95 for 2012-14 Factory Edition & 2013-14 SX/XC/XC-F

KT-BAB00-GE (ORANGE) msrp $54.95


Ride Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures the highest quality billet aluminum accessories to improve the performance of motocross and off-road motorcycles specializing in handling and braking components. The company combines hands on testing with feedback from past and present professional race teams to bring products to the average customer that are typically not available for sale. Located in Southern California, all Ride Engineering products are made in the USA. For more information on the company visit: http://www.ride-engineering.com/about.php