• Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series will begin in 2013 with 6 venues – LA Coliseum will kick off the season in April 2013
  • $60,000 nightly purse
  • $500,000 dollar purse will be awarded to the series champion

Los Angeles, CA (May 30, 2012) – Last night media industry, fans and supporters witnessed the first exhibition of Robby Gordon's commitment to taking off-road racing to the next level in 2013 with the introduction of Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks Series.  Modeled after the former infamous Mickey Thompson Off-Road Race Series, Stadium Super Trucks (SST) will astonish fans with dynamic side-by- side racing excitement that promises to leave them wanting more.

"Stadium racing helped Jimmie Johnson, Casey Mears and myself launch our careers," said Robby Gordon, President of SST. "Bringing off-road racing back to the stadium like Mickey Thompson did has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and I am proud to say that we have finally accomplished it. SST offers attractive racing venues, remarkable track designs, substantial purse, and opportunity for network TV a lot like NASCAR because you can visualize the whole track."

2013 will mark the 25th year since Mickey's untimely and tragic death; SST will bring back what once was Mickey's dream. SST will kick off the season in April 2013 with a minimum 10-race schedule throughout the country and potentially internationally. There will be two events in San Diego and Los Angeles, and the remainder of the calendar will be announced on July 15, 2012.  SST will be a 2-day event. Friday's events consist of qualifying to ensure local media coverage for Saturday's events. Action-packed Saturday's will start off with a fan expo and tailgating, side-by-side ATV heats, Bigfoot heats and finals, SST heats and then on to the main event.  The SST main event will begin with a spectacular driver introduction in the evening under the stadium lights and as the flag drops so will the jaw-dropping, thrilling excitement of stadium truck racing.

Trucks will be modeled after automobile manufacturer replicas and the SST trucks will consist of 600 horsepower V-8 engines, with 20 inches of wheel travel while racing on DOT approved tires exactly like the ones you can purchase and drive on the street.

Racers will have the opportunity to win a $60,000 purse each weekend (top 3 are awarded purse monies) and the overall series champion will be awarded a $500,000 dollar prize at the conclusion of the season.


FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.stadiumsupertrucks.com

Or for information relating to Stadium Super Trucks, please contact info@stadiumsupertrucks.com

Information on complete venue selection, TV package and racers competing will be announced this summer.

About Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks
Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series will begin in 2013. Series will consist of a 6 venue stadium truck racing that will bring entertainment and the excitement of off-road racing to the masses. Series offers AVT, Big Foot and Super Truck racing to fans of all ages. Series President Robby Gordon will bring off-road racing back to the glamorous glory days it once enjoyed.