Rockstar Energy Racing Teams Celebrate Multiple Top-10 Finishes At Washougal

Rockstar Energy Racing Teams Celebrate Multiple Top-10 Finishes At Washougal

WASHOUGAL, WA (July 22, 2012) - The Rockstar Energy Racing teams made the most of their collective talent and carded several top-10 finishes at the Washougal National on Saturday afternoon. All the Rockstar athletes gave 100 percent in conquering the slippery, technical track in picturesque Washougal, WA, at round eight of the 2012 AMA Pro Motocross Championship series.

Rockstar Energy Racing's Blake Wharton continued with his trend of racking up respectable results. Wharton overcame poor starts in both 250 motos to finish seventh and sixth respectively, for a final result of sixth overall for the day.

"I had a pretty good run," said Wharton. "I had some good battles and I felt like my endurance was good. Overall, it was a good day, the team worked well together and everything just fell into place. We're going to Southwick in a few weeks and I hope I can continue this upward spiral. I finished the last four races strong, but there's still a lot of racing left and some good points to be made up."

Rockstar Energy Racing teammate Jason Anderson also finished in the top 10 in the 250 class. Although Anderson suffered a few minor get-offs, his overall performance was strong. Anderson ended the day 10th overall, thanks to 10th- and ninth-place moto finishes.

"The day was a little bit of a struggle," admitted Anderson. "But I felt like I rode well and I ended up 10th overall, so it was a good day. I crashed twice in the second moto, but I kept pushing and pushing, and ended up ninth in that race. Now I'm looking forward to taking a few weeks off and then coming back strong for Southwick."

Rockstar Energy Racing's Martin Davalos returned to the 250 class after missing the last five rounds from injury. In the first moto, Davalos got tangled up with some other riders and had to start from dead last. But he rallied and came back to finish 18th. In the second moto, Davalos was still getting back into his racing groove and finished 12th. Overall, Davalos concluded the day in 17th.

"I didn't have any expectations for this race," said Davalos. "In the first moto, I got taken out and it took me a little while to get going again, but I came back to 18th from last. In the second moto, I felt really good. I got a decent start and I was running good. I'm happy with my first race back, but I can work on some things during the next few weeks and come back better for Southwick."

Rockstar Energy Racing's Hunter Hewitt was unable to race this weekend due to illness. Hewitt hopes to be ready to race again by the next round, at the Southwick National.

In the WMX class, Rockstar Energy Racing's Jessica Patterson bounced back from a broken hand and recent surgery to put in two impressive rides. Patterson finished second in the first moto, and led the second moto before finishing eighth. Overall, Patterson wound up fourth for the day.

"The first moto went really well," said Patterson. "I surprised myself. I was in second and I pretty much stayed there. I got a little tired toward the end but I held on. In the second moto, I passed for the lead and I was doing good. But then, (the injury) just caught up with me. I was exhausted and I could barely pull the clutch in. Now, I'm looking forward to Southwick. That's one of my favorite tracks and I have two weeks to heal up, so I'll be ready for that one."

Also racing the 250 class for Rockstar Energy was Star Valli Yamaha's Ryan Sipes. Although Sipes has been campaigning the 450 class this season, he returned to 250s after his teammates suffered injuries that prevented them from racing. The move was a good one for Sipes, who finished ninth overall via two eighth-place moto finishes.

"This was kind of a shot in the dark," said Sipes. "I didn't ride the bike at all before we got to Washougal, so we were testing all day. We made a big change right before the second moto. I went eight/eight for seventh, so I can't complain. Especially since I hadn't ridden a 250 since Supercross. But it was fun, I had a good time and I'm looking forward to spending some time on the bike and racing at Southwick."

Joining Sipes in the 250 class on Rockstar Energy's Star Valli Yamaha squad was new rider Cole Thompson. Unfortunately, Thompson suffered some bad luck at Washougal and was unable to finish, but he plans to race the next round at Southwick.

"On the first lap of the first moto, I crashed at the bottom of the hill in a pile-up with a few other riders," said Thompson. "So I started dead last and was just getting my momentum going when I came across a slick patch and high-sided. I landed right on my shoulder and head, and that was it for me for the day."

Star Valli Yamaha teammates Kyle Peters, Gareth Swanepoel, Kyle Cunningham and Tommy Weeck were unable to race the 250 class this weekend due to injury. In the 450 class, Star Valli Yamaha's Nico Izzi was also out due to injury but will return for Southwick, and Bobby Kiniry is currently campaigning the Canadian Nationals. Finally, Rockstar's Nick Wey and Brett Metcalfe are also injured and are out for the remainder of the season.

The next event for the Rockstar Energy Racing teams is the ninth round of the 2012 AMA Pro Motocross Championship on Saturday, August 11th, at the Southwick National in Southwick, MA.

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