Ronnie Mac & FMF Change The Tee Shirt Game

Reporting live from Shawnee, Oklahoma: FMF Global Elite Athlete, Ronnie Mac has, in his own words “completely changed the tee shirt game” as of today with his new FMF signature model shirt. This tee, which is harvested from farm fresh cotton and ringspun from an 1800’s “Cotton Gin” features an all over Belt-Printed image of overalls on the front. Utilizing “Dirt Ready Inks” with a highly expandable “Beer Belly Zone”, this shirt is raising the bar on innovation and definitely resonating within elite Oklahoma fashion circles. When we asked Ronnie Mac about this tee shirt he had this to say: “Well, it is technically a tee shirt but to me, this is my Race Replica jersey and I’m really excited to offer it to the community. I really believe that if you’re wearing overalls, it increases your confidence, from farming, to riding, to beer drinking, to girls, you literally can do anything. It’s that feeling of wearing overalls that I wanted to be able share.” It looks like Ronnie Mac has achieved his goals with his first FMF signature shirt ever, which is available now.

The RM Overalls Tee Is Available Here:

About FMF:  FMF Racing founder and owner, Don Emler, had a simple vision for the company when he started it in his garage back in 1973:  Provide top-level U.S. racing equipment at the grassroots level.  40 years later, FMF racing is known for delivering the world's top performance exhaust products, as well as premium custom apparel for the entire motorsports market, which includes all of its enthusiasts and fans.  From Supercross, Motocross, Off-Road, Endurocross, FMX & Freeriding, all the way to Streetbike & Pavement Racing.  Don's vision continues to guide the family operated company, which has expanded into a 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.  FMF houses the world's best design and production teams in the U.S.A. under one roof.
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