Ronnie Mac Takes Over California

Irvine, CA (June 13th, 2014): Friday the 13th is traditionally scary but Ronnie Mac is here to save the day!  This Friday the new Ronnie Mac x FMF Signature Collection debuts and is available for all to partake.  This unique collection has been anticipated by Ronnie Mac fans around the globe and it is finally available online and at premium FMF retailers.

Ronnie Mac, is world renowned, nationally recognized, locally accepted and acts as a key asset to the FMF Global Elite Team.  His skills are undeniable and his zest for drinking beer is admired by folks across the land.  Ronnie raises the bar, not just for his farming buddies and straw gnawing livestock stewards but for professional athletes as well as aspiring amateur's far and wide.

It was only right for FMF to work directly with Ronnie Mac to develop a collection that has unofficially been called "The Ronnie Mac Starter Pack".  The intent was to offer authentic, Ronnie Mac designed products for all of his loyal fans and supporters.  With this new collection, it is possible to arrive at a party, bbq or mx outdoor event and be completely prepared to own the moment... just like Ronnie does, every day of his life.

To view the entire collection, click here:  Ronnie Mac Collection