Ronnie Renner to Ride for BTO Sports Freestyle Team in 2012 is proud to announce their latest addition to their lineup of professional freestyle motocross athletes. As of March 2012, Ronnie Renner will join the likes of existing BTO Sports Freestyle Moto athletes Adam Jones and Destin Cantrell.

"We are so excited to sign Ronnie Renner as a representative of our brand" said BTO Sports President Vince Arimitsu. "We have always been trying to separate ourselves from the competing online motocross gear retailers through our love for the sport. BTO Sports is more than just a faceless discount outlet store for the products we all know and love. We embrace the lifestyle and personality that our sport embodies, and one of the ways we do that is by teaming up with talented athletes who are full of life and personality to be representatives of our brand. This is exactly what we see in Ronnie Renner, and we could not be more excited about moving forward with him for 2012."

Renner will be participating in several competitive events this year; most notably the X Games Step Up competition, for which he is known to be a serious contender every year. He plans to continue with the freeride tour TV series which was a big hit last year. Details of where the tours will take place and where/when the series will air on TV are still to be determined. Aside from these things, Renner will also be doing some stuff with the Red Bull X Fighters Tour, and possibly some appearances at some amateur nationals as well. Wherever he ends up going, he will surely be sporting the brand new bold BTO graphics on his KTM, so keep an eye out for his fresh new look.