Roost MX Graphics | Product Report

Roost MX Graphic Kit & Pre-Printed Backgrounds
PRICE: $239.95
Applications: All Bikes (Shown on Yamaha YZ125)

What It Is

With a massive catalog of products and ties to the River Yamaha team, Roost MX is one of the fastest growing motocross graphics companies in the industry. Complete bike kits are their marquee offering, all of which are printed on 21-MIL thick vinyl materials and customized to a consumer’s liking.


– There are dozens of pre-designed graphic styles to choose from, along with an array of accent colors and options that allow someone to create a kit that includes their name, number, and sponsors.

– The die lines of the Roost MX kit are the best of any company we've encountered. Every line and hole matched perfectly, making installation an easy task.

– The material is durable and looks great after the abuse of a moto or a power washer. The vinyl material and laminate have also stayed stuck together, even along the edges.


– At 240-dollars for a kit to fit a full-size bike, including number plates, the Roost MX kit retails slightly higher than other more well-known brands. However, the price for each kit depends on the size of the bike. A set for a mini will cost less than one for a full-size machine.

– Some of the designs are a little wild for our liking, but luckily there are numerous options to choose from.

– If you’d like your bike to have a "replica" look, your options are limited to just the River Yamaha team.

The Verdict

If you're thinking about giving your bike a makeover, the graphic options from Roost MX are well worth a look. They have styles to match every rider's personality and the quality is on par with the creativity of the designs, all of which can come to your door shortly after ordering.