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Ryan Dungey has become the marquee athlete for Fox Racing, Oakley, and Mobius. Considering the fact that the Red Bull KTM rider is a multi-time and reigning Monster Energy Supercross Series 450 class champion, that status is well deserved. This year Dungey has debuted a number of new products from each brand, and thanks to his near-constant presence on the podium, each piece has seen plenty of time in the spotlight.

Size | Large

The helmets come from the vendor with the silver paint base for AirTrix to apply the Red Bull pattern, so that way only the navy paint has to be added. Since there is less paint added, the overall weight of the helmet is lighter.

The V3 is Fox’s high-end helmet and it features a shell made from multiple composites, a dual-density EPS liner, and is finished with the MIPS System that reduces rotational violence to the brain on angled impacts.

Fox will put in a red liner for these helmets because it matches with the yellow and the Red Bull logos. Although the fit of the helmet can be altered through with thicker or thinner cheek pads that are available online, Dungey runs a stock cheek pad sizes for the size large helmet.

The helmets worn by Dungey, Roczen, and Reed feature a special magnet system that attaches the visor to the main part of the helmet. This allows the visor to come off without issue during crashes or impacts with the ground.

Oakley Airbrake

Dungey has a signature style on the high-end Airbrake goggle that he wears almost exclusively. During sunny motos, Dungey will use the PRIZM lens that increases contrast and color, but sticks with the standard clear lens for indoor races like Supercross or low-light conditions. The goggles are loaded with stacks of laminated tearoffs.

FOX Racing 360 & FLEXAIR
Size | Medium

The high-end 360 and FLEXAIR lines are preferred by Dungey.

The FLEXAIR jersey is made from Fox’s TRUDRI material with laser-cut holes for added airflow, while the 360 jersey is the traditional polyester and a mesh-style rear panel for ventilation. The cut of the FLEXAIR jersey is slim and form-fitting, while the 360 is slightly looser.

Dungey’s name, number, and various sponsor logos are either sublimated into the material or added with simple heat transfers. Aside from these modifications, the sizing of the jersey is standard and void of extra alternations. Dungey receives four jerseys for a standard Supercross event.

Roost Guard
FOX Racing Titan Sport Subframe
Size | Medium

The soft foam Titan Sport Subframe is worn underneath Dungey’s jersey at every Supercross race.

FOX Racing Airline
Size | Large

Ryan gets a custom palm because of his contract with Target, and part of the agreement is to have the logo on the palm. The logo is sublimated onto the Clarino material, which is stock for the Airline glove. Dungey almost always runs white gloves so the Target logo stands out. A terrycloth thumb is added for comfort.

FOX Racing 360 & FLEXAIR
Size | 30

Fox has updated the FLEXAIR pants for 2017. The pants are still made with the company’s four-way stretch TRUMOTION material, but the area around the knee has been redesigned for a slimmer and less obstructive feel thanks to the elimination of “accordion-style” stretch material and rubber-enclosed vents, the internal liner has been totally removed for reduced weight and heat, and the rigid waist closure has been modified to help things stay in place.

The 360 pants were also updated for 2017 thanks to technology and materials (four-way stretch TRUMOTION material, laser cut holes for ventilation) from the FLEXAIR line. The pants retain their “classic” feel and finish with assorted rubber logos and gussets, as well as a slightly looser cut.

Dungey receives two pairs of pants for a standard Supercross event, all of which are finished in-house with sewn-on patches for KTM, Red Bull, and his initials.

Mobius X8
Size | Medium

Developed by Ryan Villopoto in the final years of his pro career, the Mobius X8 knee brace is made from glass-filled nylon shells. The support comes from by the Continuous Cable Routing System, which runs around the knee and is dialed in by a dial that increases or decreases tension.

Fox Racing Seca
Size | Medium

The Seca sock features traditional cotton in the area around the foot and is paired to stretchable polyester and spandex up to the thigh, which is then folded over the top of the knee brace for a secure fit. The back portion of the socks are made of mesh for ventilation.

Fox Racing Instinct
Size | 10

The bootie-less, hinged Instinct boots finish out Fox’s head to toe package. Since the company will release special edition styles through the year, Dungey sometimes gets sets of boots early to break in, but other times will wear boots right out of the box on race day.