“Ryan Dungey: The Way Up” Episode One

It is kind of remarkable how many motocross videos get released on a weekly basis. And not just amateur, consumer-camera and basic editing software made clips, but documentary quality edits. With so many pieces of equipment available and the sheer ease of getting the end product in front of an audience, anyone can put out a video that deserves a few minutes of time to watch.

Last year, an upstart channel on YouTube, NetworkA, began making waves. Funding from major brands drew interest from the filmmakers and athletes alike, including Chad Reed and Carey Hart. The latest motocross video series is presented by Target and showcases their premier motocross athlete, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey, in the prime of his career. A bi-weekly program, “The Way Up” will give a glimpse at the life of one of the hardest working rider’s in the sport today.