Ryan Morais Update

TransWorld Motocross stopped by the nearby UC Irvine Medical Center to check on Rockstar Suzuki rider Ryan Morais, who was injured in a horrific crash in his Supercross Lites heat race at Anaheim 2. We learned from Ryan’s personal sponsor, Danny Malfatti of Z Gallerie, that Ryan suffered a bruised lung and a bruised bladder, but no broken bones in the crash. “He’s super sore,” reported Malfatti. “But he’s being released tonight. It’s hard to say right now, but he’s thinking that he will be back for the last two rounds.”

Morais was running second behind Jake Weimer at the start of the Supercross Lites heat race, but collided mid-air with Phil Nicoletti, who “rear ended” him in the air in a rhythm section that had several different options. Morais landed sans bike on his tailbone, then was struck by Nicoletti’s KTM. Stay tuned for more updates as we learn them.