RYDCO PowerSports Sponsorship

Membership Equals Savings


RYDCO is looking to sponsor riders this year in all forms of racing. You promote RYDCO and RYDCO will support you, see our contingency program for details.

What does it cost: Membership and a resume.

What do I get: discount on already great pricing. discount depending on level of sponsorship.

How does the Contingency work?

RYDCO PowerSports is a firm believer, not only in its members, but also in our racer’s.

E-mail: contingency@rydcopowersports.com

To qualify for our contingency program you need:

1. Sign up for our contingency team. $79.99 (You will receive)
a. RYDCO Factory Shrouds Graphics
b. Hoody and Hat
c. Discount on already discounted products (3% – 5%)
d. Contingency program (will be e-mailed to you)

2. Take photo of your:
a. Bike with RYDCO Sticker Kit
b. Trailer with RYDCO Sticker Kit
c. You with your RYDCO Hoodie and Hat
d. Filled out contingency form and signed by promoter/ score keeper. (will be e-mailed to you)

3. Link to RYDCO from your:
a. My Space
b. Face Book
c. Web Site
d. Blog

4. Sign up 5 Members:
a. Friends
b. Family
c. Whomever

Free Gear
Earn Free Gear… There are two way to earn free gear; Win the contest or sign up 20 of your friends and family. All they have to do when they sign up give us your name and number along with the state you are from and bam! You get free gear..
Why does the Contingency have a $79.99 fee? This helps offset the promotional package that RYDCO forwards to you once you sign up for contingency. You don’t have to sign up for the contingency program but you will not be able to earn points towards parts and accessories without being signed up.

I heard some rumor about a contest? “Yes” RYDCO is giving away a free set of Gear Boots, Gloves, Pants, Jersey, Helmet and Goggles in each area of our site. DIRT, Street, ATV and Snow for the sponsored rider that shows the most RYDCO spirit! Stickers on bike, trailer, hat, jacket, etc. and sends it in to us. Contest will end June 30th 2008


Simple – Easy and You are sponsored by RYDCO PowerSports. “Membership Equals Savings” means “Savings for You!”

To learn more about RYDCO PowerSports go to www.rydcopowersports.com