Ryno Power | Sales Manager Job Listing

Ryno Power | Sales Manager Job Listing

Ryno Power | Sales Manager Job Listing

For more information about the brand, visit rynopower.com

Ryno Power Sports Supplements is a San Diego company that is five years old and growing very fast. We specialize in high quality sports supplements and market these to the Action Sports and Healthy Living communities.

The right candidate must have 5+ years sales experience with some management experience. You must possess a knowledge of the Action Sports industry and primarily Motocross. You must also understand health and wellness and practice this in your own life. College degree required. Must be fluent in Microsoft Office, primarily Excel and have above average computer and technology skills.

This position will need to cultivate and create sales strategy and action for the fields listed below. Many of them have already been created with leads and sales. Some are more promising than others. You will be in charge of your team of 1-4 employees in the office as well as up to 50-100 reps nationwide. There will be some travel associated with this position for trade shows and events determined by Sales and Marketing departments in unison. You will work closely with Marketing to align your strategies and put emphasis and budget into the areas you need assistance and support. These budgets will be streamlined and ultimately approved by company president. This position has existed but will need to be recreated by this unique and talented individual. We will need you to paint broad strokes and then refine your sales to the areas that have been responsive to your programs.

This position will make commission from the following ways:

Sales Opportunities

Inside Sales Team- You will hire 1-5 employees

Rep Team- 1-50 area reps

Online- all online stores

Cycling and MTB- grow dealers, reps, online, etc

MMA and UFC- gyms, athletes, referral program, etc.

Skate, Jet Ski, Snow- begin inroads here

Natural Foods- distribution options, partners, new look for RP, etc.

Crossfit, Gyms, Physical Trainers- continue “box” growth and referral program

Customer Retention- get all former customers back with assistance from marketing dept.

International Sales- grow international distributors and especially online stores

Motocross- grow domestic dealers, online and distribution with reps, inside sales and more

You will be graded on a number of things including increase in existing sales, growing the sales in the listed markets, streamlining the sales process, generating new sales content, working with the Marketing VP, motivating your staff, your enthusiasm and your integrity. These are the most important issues for this position.

Details, Salary and Commission

-Monday through Friday 9:30am to 7pm with lunch at your discretion

All hours must be in office

-Starting at $30,000 per year with unlimited commission potential of approximately $5,000 per month estimated commission for the right individual after one year of growth.

Estimated Commission scale in months:

1-6: $500 – $3,000/ mo

7-12: $2,000 — 5,000/mo

There is no medical, dental, mileage or other perks with this position. Mileage for events

will be reimbursed with expenses once approved.

More details will be given if you are interviewed. Email resume and do not call.

Email resumes to address listed below

Ryno Power | Sales Manager Job Listing