San Severino is Ready for the MX3 and EMX2 Event

The third event for FIM MX3 World Championship and EMX2 European Championship will take place in San Severino this weekend. San Severino Marche is a comune in the Province of Macerata in the Italian region Marche. It will be the first MX3 World Championship event in this Italian place, but not also the first international event.

In San Severino local moto club was founded in 1949. Ten years later, there was organized the first national motocross event. The winner of the first race was the legendary sixteen time Italian Champion Emilio Ostorero, with a MI-VAL bike. After this event, every year there have been oranized national motocross events. The first international motocross event was organized in 1963. The winner of the race with 1000 $ prize was six time German motocross champion Otto Walz, with Maico bike.

Until now the club has organized three World Championship events. The first event was in 1970 for 250 cc category and it was won by Joel Robert. The second World Championship event in San Severino was for category 125 cc. It was won by Gaston Rahier. The winner of the third event in 2000, that was also for category 125 cc, was Italian Thomas Traversini. This weekend the organizer from San Severino will continue their reach tradition of motocross events.

The third event in the season 2008 will be in San Severino, Italy

This weekend San Severino expect the best riders in FIM MX3 World Championship and EMX2 European Championship. There will participate also big number of home Italian riders, who will have the advantage of home race track and many fans.

The organizer improved the race track conditions to the level, that riders will be able to compete in all weather conditions. In dry, or wet and muddy situations. However, it will be the same for everyone. They also created two sand areas.

The Clerk of the Course Roberto Rustichelli explained his expectations before the event: "Our moto club and the Major of the town put a lot of effort that we will have a World Championship event here in San Severino after eight years, again. Everyone did very hard job during the winter. We had to educate people, improve infrastructure and prepare the race track according to FIM regulations. As the Clerk of the Course I was appointed by the Italian Federation. That means a double honour to me, but in the same time also double responsibility. Our organization staff consider around 120 people, who are motivated and prepared to make a good job. They have supported my requests."

Also the weather forecast seems will be good, so everybody already expect a successfull and exciting third weekend in the season 2008.

Information, photos and results are online at, the official website of the FIM Motocross World Championships.

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