Sidi X-3 Off-Road Boot | Product Report

Colors: Black, black/flo orange, black/flo yellow, white/black, light blue/black
Sizes: 40-47 (European)
Price: $375.00

Sidi is a family-owned Italian company with heavy roots and a continued influence in cycling, road-racing and the European motocross world, and have steadily grown in popularity in the U.S market over the past few years. The fashionable boots have even become a frequent sight at the local motocross tracks here in So-Cal, and after attending the Sidi X-3 boot intro, we couldn't wait to put these boots to the test. Following in the foot steps of the Crossfire lineup, the X-Treme/X-3 boot is comprised of many of the same features as it's big brother, but just a little easier on the wallet.



  • We were immediately stoked on the color selection that's available in the X-3 lineup. We tested the black/flo yellow boots.
  • The 100% in-house design ensures that Sidi's boots are like no other brand on the market.
  • Immediately we noticed how slim the boots felt once we sat on the bike and put our feet on the pegs. It felt as if we had better control. That was probably our favorite aspect of the X-3 boot.
  • There was almost no break-in period thanks to the hinged ankle, and we encountered no trouble with feeling for the shifter or rear brake pedal.
  • Thanks to the anatomical heel within the X-3, there is no twist or wiggle room for your heel once it settles in place.
  • All four of the buckles feature a small plastic clip. Adjust the buckles, clip them back in and they will be in the same position for every ride after that.
  • The lack of a removable inner boot liner was evident at first, but hardly noticeable after a few laps thanks to the overall conforming fit.
  • The level of durability is impressive, as well.
  • The X-3 boots is surprisingly light.
  • Sidi has a vast selection of replacement parts.



  • Frankly, we really don't have much of anything to complain about. However, we would like to see the X-3 boot in all white.
  • When looking for your size, tack on another .5 to your US foot size.


Overall, we were extremely impressed with the construction and one of a kind characteristics of the Sidi X-3/X-Treme boot. These boots are great for every level of rider, and they won't break the bank. Not to mention the Italian influence makes for some eye catching features. And even though we couldn’t get our hands on a pair of light-up Crossfire 2 boots like Cairoli, we were still very pleased with this product.

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