RCH Racing's Kenny Watson is one of our favorite people in the pits for many reasons.  He has truly worked his way to the top from very humble beginnings, and his style and personality are one-of-a-kind to say the least.  Watson is managing one of the sport's top teams and will share his thoughts tonight and unique perspective on their team and anything else we want to ask him.

Rockstar Energy's Ryan Sipes is back racing after a hand/wrist injury at Anaheim 2 had the Kentuckian sidelined after surgery. He's had plenty of ups and downs throughout his career, but he always bounces back and is eager to salvage this year.  We always enjoy having Ryan on and look forward to catching up with our southern neighbor.

Racer X's Jason Weigandt has been in seclusion since Bon Jovi broke up last week, but we're fortunate to lure him out of his mourning to get his always brilliant insight on all the hot topics.  The Jersey Boy is entertaining and very opinionated, but often wrong.  Tune in to see what he has planned for us tonight.

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