SKULLCANDY just launched v2 of our beloved and action packed APP for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and now Droid as well. The new version features the first ever mobile MOTO TRACK FINDER, powered by DIRTLINK. It features all the track info, contact, weather forecast and conditions and anything else you need to know before you go.

Skullcandy Mobile App: Join the Revolution


Skullcandy's brand-NEW v.2 app has boosted features so high, we blew right past v.1 on the way to shortening the distance between you and your beloved hotspot. Here's what else is NEW in v.2:

· PIC+VID UPLOADER – Post photos, videos and comments to all your spots. Or add your own favorite danger havens.

· QUICK-SEARCH/MAP ME – Can't grind what you can't find. Locate every nearby spot, no matter where you find yourself.

· MotoX TRACK FINDER – Expanded atlas of dirty spots that deserve punishing

· SURF + SNOW REPORTS – Details plus Live Cam Photos where available

· MUSIC – More songs. Deeper cuts. Pulsating aural stimulation that now streams while you multi-task.

· DESIGN – New face, new threads, and new body…or bits, bytes, whatever. Refreshed like a technologic colonic.

· iPAD + ANDROID COMPATIBLE! – Future-proof is our policy

V.2 adds a handsome quiver of nano-tech tools and weaponry to keep you briefed and ready for every type of shred offensive. Despite all of the new content, features and functionality, the app is still 100% weightless.

Unlike its monogamous predecessor, Skullcandy has expanded the app's dance card to include additional mobile platforms. V.2 is now open for frisky business on Apple's iPad, while maintaining a much-more-than-friends compatibility with long-time Apple mates, iPhone and iPod.

You don't have to be a fruitarian to get love from Skullcandy's tap-happy new app. Android users can now partake, as well! Not just flirtation, either. Android, iPad, iPod and iPhone users can all enjoy v.2's full-frontal functionality, gratuitous content and eye-popping features, so amazingly rich they could make a Trustafarian lose his sense of entitlement.

So, now that you have proof…
Turn on. Tune out. Drop IN…Every Revolution Needs a Soundtrack

Download the new Skullcandy app at today, and get twiddling.