As great as a long day of riding can be, the sore mornings after are hard to get over. Heavy arms, creaky knees, tired muscles are all painful reminders of good times on the bike, and even keep some people from motoing as much as they’d like. With a little work in the gym and a few accessories, you can practically erase the discomfort from your routine. Here are a few of the things that have landed on our desk and then into our gearbags…

Rest & Recovery 2723

4Arm Strong
Price: $159

This thing has been everywhere lately, as it’s endorsed by trainer Aldon Baker and a number of professional riders. Developed by Lee Ramage, a pain relief specialist certified in Active Release Techniques, the device and a series of stretches helps expand the fascia tissues and strengthens various muscles in the arm, which allows for an increase in blood flow. The blood flow brings more oxygen to the strained muscles and the stretches result in an increase in grip strength, which together help elevate the dreaded stiff symptoms of arm pump.

Rest & Recovery 2726

Rock Tape & Rock Sauces
Price: Rock Tape (2″ wide roll) – $20, Rock Sauce Original (4 oz) – $19.95, Rock Sauce Chill (3 oz) – $14.99

Rock Tape is a staple product in trainer equipment bags, as it’s to manage issues and injuries. By lifting the skin away from the muscle and fascia to create a de-compressive effect, the kinesiology tape helps reduce pain/fatigue/swelling while remaining completely pliable and unobtrusive.

A pair of topical pain relief “sauces” take things to another level. The original Rock Sauce uses menthol and capsaicin (what gives peppers their heat) to warm up the aching areas, while Rock Sauce Chill uses more menthol than any other icy gel on the market and a blend of arnica, aloe, and green tea to soothe away pain. Both products are made to be used in conjunction with Rock Tape and will not interfere with the adhesives in the tape.

Rest & Recovery 2725

2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights & Compression Arm Sleeves
Price: MCS Tights – $119.95, Arm Sleeves – $44.95

The crew at 2XU (think “Two Times You”) are specialists in the compression clothing category, as their powerful proprietary Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) fit and PWX fabrics are used in a wide range of products that help athletes in every sport. Studies show MCS is the strongest compression system on the market, and it gives muscles much-needed support and increased blood flow when worn during warm-up, workout, and cool down. The flexible PWX fabrics features a number benefits, including antibacterial (no funk), SPF (no sunburn), and moisture wicking properties (no overheating).

Rest & Recovery 2731

Hammer Nutrition Recoverite & Tissue Rejuvenator
Price: Recoverite (1.73 lbs/16 servings) – $34.95, Tissue Rejuvenator (120 capsules) – $29.95

Hammer Nutrition products have been used in motocross for decades and even now, when there are more options than ever, remain a mainstay. Hammer has a full collection of bars, drinks, and gels that’ll fuel you through the motos, but what about at the end of the day? That’s where Recoverite and Tissue Rejuvenator come in. The carbohydrate/protein/nutrient blends of the Recoverite drink replenish what the body burned up during activity, while the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates in the Tissue Rejuvenator take care of inflammation in joints.

Rest & Recovery 2728

MG12 MangeSport Roll-On & Balm
Price: Roll-On (3 0z) – $9.99, Balm (1 oz) – $8.99

With salt from the Dead Sea as the source for the magnesium, plus a number of other all-natural ingredients (arnica, aloe vera, jojoba), MG12’s line of balms and lotions coax cramps and tightness from strained muscles. This’ll be the biggest benefit to athletes, but the blend of oils and minerals are all known for helping take care of cuts, scrapes, blemishes, and other abrasions.