By Chase Curtis

Hunter Daly, 16

Hometown: Pearblossom, CA

Sponsors: Seven, ASV, No Toil

Hundreds of Southern Californian motocross racers gathered at Cahuilla Creek for round four of the TWMXRS West Coast Open. Out amongst the speedy guys of the TWMXRS was Women’s Open points leader Hunter Daly. The 16-year old has shown her speed and ability aboard a bike in previous rounds of the series, and she performed no different at Cahuilla. After catching the boys in Sportsman Novice 125-450F and battling for the win she went down. However, she didn’t let that one mishap derail her day, as she went out and swept the Women’s Open class with two moto wins. After a number of great finishes this series, and an outstanding performance against the boys, Hunter was awarded the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award.

What brings you out to Cahuilla Creek today?
I headed out here to race another round of the TWMXRS and have some fun preparing for mammoth.

During your first moto in Sportsman Novice 125-450F, you made your way up to the front of the pack to battle against the boys for the lead. Unfortunately, you went down on the closing lap…
Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I went down, especially after how hard I rode to get up to the front. And on top of that, I struggled getting my bike off the ground, which added to my frustration. However, I still am pretty happy with how I rode.

Despite your frustrating first-moto in Sportsman Novice 125-450F, you managed to grab some wins in the Women’s Open class…
Yes! I'm pumped on sweeping that class and grabbing both the moto wins. Also, I finished both motos with a pretty big gap on second place, so that was awesome!

What are your plans, as far as racing, this year?
I am planning on racing the next few TWMX race series events, along with Mammoth this year.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
Aside from the TWMX races, I am excited to race Mammoth this year. I was planning on racing Mammoth last year, but I signed up too late. So this year will be my first year racing at Mammoth.

It has to be cool to tell other girls that you race motocross…
Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I go to public school, so I get to show everyone at school the pictures of me racing on TWMXRS's website. It's a different sport than what most girls participate in.

Since you attend public school, it has to be pretty hard to ride during the week…
Yeah! I don't ride at all during the week, because of school. I only ride on the weekends, which can make it hard to line up against other girls who ride almost every day and have trainers. It's just my family and I no trainer nor "program."

What's the closest track to your house?
LACR is pretty close, it's only about a 10-minute drive from my house.

How'd you do at LACR for the previous round of TWMXRS West Coast Open?
I did pretty well, I got second place in Sportsman Novice 125-450F and snagged the overall win in Womens Open.

How long have you been on your KTM 150SX?
I've been on this bike for about a year now, and I love it. It's such a fun bike!

Aside from racing motocross, what else do you enjoy doing?
I run, play basketball, snowboard, softball, and wakeboard. I'm on the cross country and track and field teams at my school, which I really enjoy.

With all the sports you play, how does motocross compare to those other sports?
It simply doesn’t compare. Motocross is by far the most physically and mentally challenging sport.

How pumped are you about winning the SPY Breakaway Rider Award, along with all the awesome prizes SPY provides?
I am very excited and pumped!

What are your main goals for your future?
I would love to race at Loretta Lynn's, just to say I did it. After I've had my fun racing dirtbikes, I would like to be a Firefighter.