SPY Breakaway Rider | Jacob Resetar

Terra Firma Series Finale

By Chase Curtis

Jacob Resetar, 16

Hometown: Lakeside, CA

Sponsors: Addiction Industries, San Diego Powerhouse, Dad and Mom

Not all results are earned with ease, and that is just what Jacob Resetar learned at the final round of the 2017 Terra Firma TWMXRS. After a pretty successful start to his day, the 16-year old challenged his speed and agility mid-way through the day, when he suffered a bad start in his opening second moto. However, he managed to battle his way through the pack, passing three riders in one corner, and into second place. Despite the extreme temperatures and low humidity, the kid out of Lakeside continued to snag great results when he finished the last moto of the day with a ten second lead on the runner-up. For his efforts on the day and not giving up after a bad start, Jacob was awarded the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award.

What brought you out to Milestone today?
The Slam Fest! I had to come and race to finish off such an exciting weekend.

Were you able to make it out for the Slam yesterday?
Yeah! We came out and practiced all day yesterday, and then slept in the van last night. My dad and I woke up this morning, ate, and got ready for racing.

What did you think of the pro racing at yesterday's Slam Fest?
It was pretty sick! There were a lot of people out here yesterday, but the practice track managed to stay fun for a while and not get too rough. Aside from the heat, riding and the race last night made yesterdays event sick!

You've had a pretty dominant day, even when you didn't get a great start you managed to make your way through the pack and up to second place…
Yeah, I was pretty pissed off with myself after that start. Fortunately, I was able to pass most of the pack and up to second place. I was so close to first.

Did Milestone's new track layout make passing a little easier?
Yes, the bowl corners that they built up have more of a supercross shape, which made passing in those turns much easier. I was able to get around three guys just in one of those bowl corners, so they definitely added some excitement into the racing.

What did you think of the new rhythm section they added?
I liked it a lot! It was super technical but easy at the same time, which made it fun and safe.

And what about that beefy lip on the finishline table?
That jump is so sick! The new lip made that jump a booter for sure (laughs).

I've seen you out at the TWMXRS pretty consistently…
Yeah, I've been racing the TWMX races for about a year now. I've only been racing dirt bikes for two years though.

When did you start riding and racing motocross?
I have always ridden at the desert and stuff, but I just got into racing a few years ago. My first time even riding at a track wasn’t until two years ago.

What made you start racing?
One of my buddies, who has always raced, brought me to a race one day. Since then, my dad and I have been hooked on racing.

You got a great start during your last moto of the day and ended up finishing over ten seconds ahead of second place…
Yeah, it was awesome! It's nice actually getting a start and not having to work the whole moto, I was able to get out front with a clear track and put down some solid laps.

During the last moto of the day, how brutal was the track?
It wasn’t too bad, but the heat and how dry it was made the moto gnarly. The track had some edges to it and was pretty slippery, but that's all because of the weather.

How pumped are you on winning some goodies from SPY?
I am so pumped, I have never won anything so this is sweet!