Spy Breakaway Rider | Shane Logan

West Coast Open Rd. 2

By Chase Curtis

Shane Logan, 15

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Sponsors: Pump Check, 3 Brothers Racing, Troy Lee Designs, R&D Racing Engines, Acerbis, Dunlop, Works Connection, 100%, Pit Posse, Twin Air

In order to win, a racer must have the appropriate mindset. Shane Logan proved to have the correct mindset necessary for a successful day at the races, as he won three of his four motos in dominating fashion. Presumably the highlight of the 15-year-old’s day though, came during moto one of 250 Novice when he snagged the holeshot and proceeded to lead the race from gate drop to checkered flag. Although, not every race proved to go as smooth for Shane, as he wasn’t able to get the best of starts, following that holeshot. Despite some not-so-great starts, the kid out of Orange County grabbed our interest as he maneuvered his way through the pack and into a commanding lead on multiple occasions. For Shane's relentless mindset and dominating performance, he was awarded with the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award.

You've been pretty dominant today, what was your mindset going in?

I really try and take these TWMX races as a practice race for the Loretta and Mammoth qualifiers. The competition is always steep out here, so it truly is great practice.

Although you haven’t snagged the holeshot all day, you've still managed to make your way to the front…

I was able to get a holeshot in one moto today, which allowed me to just ride my own race. On the other hand, I haven’t got the best starts in my other three motos today so I've had to battle my way through the pack. Holeshots are great but I still managed to grab three out of the four wins.

What brings you out here today?

I just got my bike finished from R&D racing, so I wanted to make sure it was running well before the Loretta Qualifier next weekend. Also, it's always good to come out and get some racing practice in.

I understand you've been absent from racing for a while…

Yeah, I've had a little bit of a back injury. Back in early January, I came up short on a jump during a race and tweaked my back. It was pretty sore after that, so I've been working it out and going to physical therapy.

Have you been to Loretta's before?

No I haven't, so this year will be my first year there. I heard and saw how bad the weather was last year, so hopefully it's better this year.

What are your plans this year?

The main focus is Mammoth right now, I'm really hoping to do well there. I haven't got a bear yet, so that's definitely one goal I want to achieve this year. I also seem to always have bad look at Mammoth, so I'd like to move past that this year.

Talk to us about some of that bad luck at Mammoth…

I had just got my supermini done right before Mammoth last year, so I wanted to test it out on the way up. We stopped at LACR on our way up, which seemed like a good idea, but I hit a square edge in the whoops and dove into the last whoop. I ended up taking a trip to Palmdale Hospital and had a great experience (laughs). The result of the crash was a separated AC-joint and a broken Scapula, but I still went up to mammoth to hangout with some friends.

It seems like you've had a few injuries, what have you done to overcome those injuries and get to where you are now?

Yeah! Physically therapy has been crucial, along with working out and having a good diet. I've lost a lot of weight in the past few months just from having a solid diet. Having a solid program has ultimately got me here.

What's the weekly routine?

I'm homeschooled, so Monday's usually consist of homework and school. Most of the time, I'm able to do some jogging and weight lifting after school. It's nice to mix up my exercise routine, so if my friends are around we'll do some laps in the pool, just to get away from the cycling and running. I try and make it out to Glen Helen on Thursdays to get some riding in, and then I'll go out to Milestone on Friday if I can. Sundays are usually spent racing, so Saturdays are spent practicing at the track I'll be racing at.

Are you training with anyone?

Yes, I'm training with Doug Dubach. It's been going really well, every time he packs my gate I get a holeshot (laughs)!

How'd you get into racing?

My dad has a racing background. Before he got into racing off-road cars, he raced motocross at all the local tracks in Southern California. He bought me my first bike when I was old enough, and it all started there.

What do you do for fun?

I really like to ride BMX and stuff like that, but for the most part I stick to motocross. I'll do a GP race here-and-there, so my life pretty full of dirt bikes now.

How is it racing the GPs?

GPs are fun! The hour motos, along with the heat, definitely get to you though. It's different when you have to go pit in the middle of the race, but they are awesome. I might move up to the Pro class in the GP's next year and those are two hour races, so I definitely have to get ready for that.