TWMXRS SPY Breakaway Rider | Jeffrey Rohn

By Megan Maeda

Age: 52
Hometown: Originally from Versailles, IL, now living in Anaheim Hills, CA.
Classes raced: +40 Beginner, +50 Beginner
Sponsors: Eco Tech, Pro Taper, RynoPower, Dragon, Thor MX

Every once in a while you meet someone in the pits at a TWMXRS event that is obviously having one heck of a good time. This weekend at Pala Raceway for round three of the Fall Classic Series presented by SPY, the smile on Jeffrey Rohn’s face was a dead giveaway that he was enjoying a day at the track, so we decided to sit down and chat with him and learn what makes him tick. His upbeat attitude and love for the sport led us to name him the SPY Breakaway Rider of the weekend!

Tell me about the business you have listed on your bike: Eco Tech.
We are a residential heating and air conditioning company. I have four kids that race as well, and we sponsor some other kids in motocross that are less fortunate, as well. We serve all of Orange County, mainly, but we go all over Southern California, we are just trying to put service back in the service company.

How long have you been racing, and what led you to choose motocross?
Just the family atmosphere of motocross and the people are genuine in the sport. I’ve been racing since I was young. I was a road racer originally and I raced professionally, and then I started racing motocross when my oldest son wanted to get bikes. Shoutout my son Cameron Rohn #365 who is out right now with a broken femur and pelvis.

Do you participate in any other sports or have any hobbies?
I’m a world champion in jiu-jitsu! I didn’t race motocross for a long time because I didn’t want to get hurt for jiu-jitsu. I’m a brown belt.

How seriously do you take racing? Is it just for fun or do you have bigger aspirations?
No, I don’t have bigger aspirations, it’s really just for me being out here with the family and keep the kids in the dirt, keep them out of trouble, you know? Racing for me is just a bonus at my age. (Laughs)

Who is the biggest influence in your racing?
The Bomber! Mark Barnett, back in the day, and Kent Howerton. Some of the old guys.

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?
I love Pala, I like loamy tracks. Milestone is probably my favorite though, I like peaky jumps that require a little less speed.

At the TransWorld Series, we try to offer a better racing experience. What do you think of our events?
I love your events! It’s great, it’s not high pressure like some of the National events. It’s a good place that offers different tracks and different things for every level of rider, which is really nice.

What would you rather do: holeshot a race and run away, or come from behind to win?
Holeshot and run away, I love the holeshot! I’d rather holeshot the race almost more than win it, that’s always my goal is to holeshot.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it. And what have you done to make it work well for you?
I’ve been a Kawasaki guy my whole life, I’ve always loved Kawasakis. You could say I’m a creature of habit I guess. I chose it because I just came off winning one of the biggest tournaments in jiu-jitsu and my son got out of the fire academy and off probation for the fire department and said, “Dad, let’s go buy some bikes.” So, I guess that’s the reason I bought it! To make it work for me, I’ve just played with the suspension settings, I’ve pretty much left it stock. I can’t ride it to its full potential the way it is, but I love it, it’s a great bike!

It was awesome to hear “SPY Breakaway Rider” Jeffrey Rohn talk about his passion and love for the sport.