Spy Video: 2.5 SX Laps With Davi Millsaps

Many years ago, our then-webmaster Steve “GuyB” Giberson called me into his office and said, “Hey, take a look at this. Did you know that we could post video on our web site?” He then proceeded to show me a short video clip of Chris Gosselaar riding one lap around the Honda test track aboard his Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda CR125R. Shot from the Suzuki test track that is built on the mountain above Honda’s, the video was cobby at best, but that, ladies and gentlemen, was the start of motocross videos on TransWorldMX.com. For a couple years, we were the only web site with riding videos, but now almost everyone is putting up cool clips. What a great time to be a motocross fan, right? I know that I myself watch almost every moto video on the web, whether they are at a competitor’s web site or not. I can’t get enough!

Earlier this week, while waiting for the Suzuki crew to swap a clutch in Ryan Dungey’s bike, I walked over to the edge of the track and peered down on the Honda guys below. Only a hour or so later, I was scheduled to meet up with Trey Canard and Davi Millsaps, who were already spinning laps. That’s when I remembered GuyB’s first-ever TransWorldMX.com video, and decided to do my best to replicate it. These days, GuyB runs the show over at Vital MX, but we’re still good friends. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Steve for introducing me to the wonderful world of motocross video. Thanks, Goobey!

– Swap