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The crew at Stance is known for their incredible socks, but they’ve recently expanded into a full range of underwear that are as comfortable as they are stylish. In celebration of the new product line, they’ve come up with the thrilling Bounty campaign that offers a $25,000 payout to the big winner.

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What exactly is The Bounty? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what you see above: big-ass stunts in just your drawers. To be eligible for the contest, you must capture the act on video or in a photo and then submit to the voting staff at Stance. You can enter the media directly to their server or send them the url from a post social media platforms Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube. If you post to social, be sure to use hashtags like #comfortablywild #theuncommonthread.

If you want all of the exact rules, we really recommend poking around the contest website,, and even pick up a few pairs of underwear for yourself.