Stanton, Hewitt, Pingree, Supercross Vortex On DMXS Radio Tonight

The Polar Vortex that has gripped most of the nation is just about over, but the "Supercross Vortex" is just beginning with an eventful and exciting opening round in the books. (Corny, but better than the over-played "Perfect Storm")

Jeff Stanton is all but frozen solid in his native Michigan this week, but there were reports of him jogging across snowy mountain ridges, splitting wood with his bare hands and doing upside down sit-ups in his barn preparing for his upcoming fight with Ivan Drago.  Ok....that might have been from Rocky, but we can totally see him still doing that.  It's always a pleasure catching up with one of our sport's true legends and we'll get his thoughts on A1 and beyond.

Bobby Hewitt and his Rockstar Energy Racing Team signed a new three-year contract in the off-season with KTM Motorsports.  This move will give them the well-earned factory support and further solidify their place as one of the premiere satellite teams in the pits.  We've known Bobby throughout his impressive amateur domination and couldn't be happier for his team successfully making that tough professional transition. The team is over the A1 victory celebration and looking to back it up in Phoenix this weekend.

We will open up the phone lines for our listeners to call-in and remind us they know tons more than us.  Bring it!

David Pingree is one of our heroes at DMXS, and not just for being a part of our show for more than a decade.  He is a great friend, husband, dad and firefighter.  We missed having him on our anniversary shows because of his work schedule and can hardly wait to hear that silky smooth smartass voice tonight!

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