Stewart, Bogle, Adamitis, Lemoine on DMXS Radio Tonight

Yoshimura Suzuki's James Stewart sits second all time in career supercross wins after a thrilling and dominating win in Toronto. James is far from done, but it's hard not to stop and just appreciate this milestone win and what James has done for the sport. We've been fortunate to cover his entire career and always enjoy having him back on the show.

GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle was a celebrated top amateur prospect before turning pro, and that certainly comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. The harsh reality of the sport and it's often unfair intangible timetable was looming over the free-spirited kid from Oklahoma, and he lost his leg swag. The professional transition and consecutive injuries has beaten down many talented kids, but Justin wasn't going to be one of them. He scored his first career 250SX win and is just five points back in the championship battle. More importantly to those of us that know Justin … he has his leg swag back!

I don't personally know Troy Adamitis, but he is one of my heroes in motocross. He has allowed fans to view the sport through his unfiltered prism, and granted us access to the struggles and triumphs through his magnificently produced pieces. His recent Behind the Dream series is another testament to his dedication to the sport and riders in telling their stories. We really look forward to catching up on the show tonight.

JAB Motorsports' Matt Lemoine is part of our family here at DMXS. We don't care that we're not supposed to pull for a specific rider because we've known him and family far too long and witnessed the struggles first hand to see him on that podium in Toronto to care. We're stoked for JAB and Matt and wanted to make sure and give him some love for his epic weekend in the Great White North!

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