Stewart Brothers On Blue?

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This is not something we expected to see on a Thursday morning. Right now the winners of the James Stewart AMA Spring Championship are turning laps at the Stewart compound in Haines City, Florida, and the two brothers are out there right alongside them. But they’re both on blue bikes.

Brian Deegan just posted a video to his Instagram from the day at the track, with both Malcolm and James powering around the track on what appear to be stock Yamaha YZ450F bikes. As we’ve mentioned numerous times over the last few months, both Stewarts are currently without known support for 2017 but plan on racing when the Monster Energy Supercross Series kicks off. We conducted a Facebook Live interview with Malcolm about the situation while at the 2016 Paris-Lille SX last weekend, and he was clear in his answers.

From the sound of things, Deegan will have a Facebook Live of his own later today with the brothers, so we’ll have to check in on that a bit later.