Stewart takes Bercy night 2

Stewart Sweeps Night Two
By Stephen Schultz
The second night of the Bercy Supercross took place with a sold-out crowd to see if James Stewart can continue his dominant performance from night one. It was easy to see in practice that the L&M Yamaha rider got a good night's rest as he became the only rider to turn a triple/jump-on/off into a quad/single jump and he used this move one time to capture the fastest time in the second practice session.
It was not all roses for the American supercross champion as a mistake in the super-pole contest relegated him to 3rd in that competition. The track that was so tacky and a bit rutty on night one had hardened up a little bit and shiny spots developed here and there. It was one of these spots that caught Stewart and caused him to spin and bit and almost go into one of the walls. This tiny mistake allowed another American, Justin Brayton to win the contest with Frenchman Gregory Aranda putting his BUD Racing Kawasaki into second. Fourth was the French World Champion, Marvin Musquin who was outgunned on his KTM 250F but made it work in as he didn't show much regard for the other pilots out on the track. TheBercy crowd loving every single pass that Marvin made.
The elimination races were exciting and thrilling at the same time as James continued to use a different line than the other races and if he wasn't into the lead on the first straightaway, he soon was when he launched into the air. It was a disappointment to the fans to see Frenchman Ben Coisy ride off in the first 7 lap elimination race with an apparent ankle injury. Coisy was done for the night and it was a blow to the French team's hopes. As the races got shorter and shorter, the riders got fewer and fewer until there was only Stewart, Musquin, Brayton and Matt Boni. In all three contests, Stewart proved to be too much for the other riders although a bobble by Stewart allowed Brayton to keep the second elimination race close.
In the thirteen man main event, it was Davide Espoti with the holeshot but James Stewart

quickly moved into the lead and checked out from there. Behind the number 1 Yamaha was Arnada and Stewart's teammate Josh Hill. Musquin suffered a poor start and was forced to try and work through the pack. Stewart was taking it easy out front as the he managed to tame the treacherous whoops and add in a new jump combination that amazed some of the long time race watchers. Hill had a rough race as arm pump and unfamiliarity with the new 2010 YZ450F caused the youngster to fade to the back. Brayton suffered a horrible start and came from just inside the top ten to third by the midway part of the race. That was when Aranda made a mistake in the whoops and Brayton blitzed by and into second. Stewart was his usual impressive self but Brayton showed that 2010 might just be his year. He held onto second the rest of the way.
James Stewart took the win, Brayton second, Arnada third and Musquin finished fourth with a great ride in the main event. Here are the overall standings for night two with one day remaining in this great race.
Super-pole, Elimination Races, Main Event
1- James Stewart 3-1-12-Justin Brayton 1-3-23-Marvin Musquin 4-2-44-Gregory Aranda 2-8-35-Fabien Izoird 5-5-56-Nick Wey 9-6-67-Matt Boni 8-4-128-Josh Hill 6-10-89-Davide Espoti 10-7-710-Ben Coisy 7-9-15