On Tuesday, James Stewart and Dean Wilson commented on the injuries that have disrupted their progress in the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series. In both posts on Instagram, the two riders are honest and frank about their situations, and they address their desires to return to racing as soon as their bodies allow.

A run-in with Ryan Dungey during the main event at Anaheim One left Stewart with a concussion. In accordance with current concussion protocol, Stewart has been approved to compete by doctors and the Asterisk Medical staff. Still, the Yoshimura Suzuki rider is still feeling the side effects of a month later. This is why he withdrew from the night show at San Diego One, completely sat out Anaheim Two, and then dropped out of the main event this past weekend in Oakland due to blurred vision. In his statement, Stewart states that he will miss an indefinite amount of rounds, as many as it take properly let his brain recovery.

Just wanted to update you guys on what happened Saturday night. I could tell from the 1st practice that things weren’t right from my A1 incident. But I figured if I kept riding things would get better. Well as the night went on things got worse and that’s what led me to pull off in the main. The worst part is, you never know how you’re gonna feel until you try. So that’s why I decided to try to race this weekend. You can practice during the week all you want but racing is completely different. It’s my fault tho because instead of letting things heal 100%, I keep rushing to race for my fans and because I love to race. Clearly I’m not ready to race and After Saturday I felt like an idiot for trying to when I know I shouldn’t. I can tell you that I rather never race again if I have to pull off like last Saturday. To me a person that pulls off is a quitter and as much as I hate quitters, I felt like one afterwards until I thought about everything. I shouldn’t of have been there in the first place. I was there bc I’m not a quitter and I keep trying to be superman for no reason. But it doesn’t matter anymore bc the people around me know who I am and my “real” fans know also. So at this point, I’m gonna listen to my body and come back when IM ready to race. It could be this weekend or a month from now but I’m gonna do what’s best for me and not what’s best for the rest. I love you guys and I truly appreciate your support always. I came back to race and have fun this year and racing when I can’t function 100% isn’t racing or fun. So I’ll be back when I can do both of those things like the real js7 does. I want to personally thank all my sponsors for sticking behind me through all of this. I know you guys say I don’t need too thank u but it’s nice to have all of you in my corner always. And my fans, you know where my heart is and I can’t wait to be healthy so we all can enjoy the results together like always. Thx again peeps

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This is the second time in twelve months that Dean Wilson’s racing has come to a halt due to a torn ACL in his knee. The Red Bull KTM rider tucked his front-end entering a corner during timed qualifying at Anaheim Two and his knee buckled in the incident. He immediately met with the Asterisk Medical Crew, then tried to ride a later practice. Unfortunately, the pain was too much to overcome and Wilson was forced to pull off out of the night’s event. Days later, he flew to Europe and underwent a necessary surgery by a doctor recommended by trainer Tyla Rattray. Wilson will miss the remainder of the Supercross season, but according to the team his recovery should be complete around the start of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in May.  

Sitting here in disbelief asking myself how is this happening to me again? How many people wash there front tire mid turn and just pick there bike back up? This one really stings me as I gave up everything this offseason. With training, sleeping, eating, riding, testing and doing everything in my best possible way to be prepared for the season. I started off the season strong and I felt by round 5 I would be where I wanted to be. So came A2, I was putting in a fast lap in timed qualifying which would be my last lap of that practice as I only had a minute 30 seconds to go on the clock. I had a solid lap going all the way until I got to the turn before the finish and my front tire washed nothing crazy but I felt my knee pop and buckle. At that very moment I put my hands together prayed to God and asked him that I didn’t just blow my knee again. I hobbled up went to the truck just praying and unsure what was wrong but I wanted to see if I could ride the next practice. So I went out for the next practice and new rite away my knee was blown. As tears ran down my eyes under my goggles I pick up my mechanic Matt ride through the tunnel and back to the pits. I went into the truck and pretty much just broke down. Feeling that this was a year for me to make it happen and come back strong and show KTM why they hired me in the first place I feel like I let all of my sponsors down and including myself. Feeling like this could be the last time I ever race a supercross for a factory team. Monday came by and I got MRI and results where a torn ACL, MINISCUS and sprained MCL. My trainer @tylarattray and team came up not to mess around and see the best knee dr there is Dr S.Claes in Belgium. So I have had that surgery done now and recovering. This injury has not discouraged me and I am going to do everything I can to come back strong for outdoors. I hope that I can set a good example for people and kids that have unfortunate luck and injuries who feel like they want to quit that just because there are some bumps on the road we push through them and become successful. For me I believe the light is still shining at the end of the tunnel and I am willing to do what ever it takes A photo posted by Dean Wilson (@deanwilson15) on


We wish Dean, James, and the many other riders injured this season a speedy recovery and hope to see them at the track soon.