If you live in California, it’s nothing new to see some of the top pros spinning laps at the local tracks shaking things down or just hammering out motos. During this time of year with focus set on Anaheim 1, pros without a provided private factory Supercross track must ride at public spots like Milestone, Pala, and Elsinore along with everyone else in the same situation. Obviously with the bulk of the motocross industry located right here in Southern California, that amount of riders is fairly large, and tracks may get monotonous or crowded at times. We recently dropped in at The West MX (which many know formerly as Starwest) and talked to Richard Kutbach, who offered a solution this off season for some pros that wanted to invest in their program via removing the outdoor track on his property with a custom catering of private Supercross tracks for those interested. He did his all while still being able to keep the doors open to anyone else that may be interested in his public Supercross and Arenacross tracks. We asked him a few questions about what’s going on over at The West MX.