First of all, I am at the tail end of a gnarly chest cold so my voice is completely blown out and for this, I apologize. Today, we rode all six of the 2019 250cc MX bikes for a back-to-back comparison in day one of the TransWorld Motocross 250 Shootout. Though we will spend several more days on the machines before coming to a conclusion for print in the magazine, I thought it would be interesting for listeners to hear feedback from two of my most regarded test riders, Mike Sleeter and Pat Foster, about how the machines stacked up. With Foster residing some five hours north in the mountain town of Bishop, we recorded this episode of Swapmoto Live, presented by Ogio, while he was still in town…thus the reason I was unable to wait for my voice to return to normal. Again, please bear with the super froggy sound of my voice, but enjoy the invaluable feedback and insight offered by Sleeter and Foster.