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I’m seriously gonna date myself here, but what the heck ever happened to kidney belts? These days, the only guys you see at the track wearing kidney belts are vets like me, or guys with lower back problems. “I can’t breathe,” is the most common excuse I get when I ask someone why they don’t wear one. Funny…I’ve never noticed that I have a hard time breathing while wearing one…

The name kidney belt is kind of odd…I guess in theory, a kidney belt holds your insides tight and can help keep them from jiggling around while riding, but I definitely wear one to support my lower back. There was a time when I abandoned my belt, but right around the same time I had an unfortunate incident that involved carrying a Christmas tree upstairs to appease my wife and the end result was a microdiscectomy surgery on the disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. Since then, I’ve always worn my kidney belt and thankfully, have had no real back issues.

The Fox Racing Black Belt is a traditional kidney belt that has a dual strap closure in front, and a thin rubber guard for support and some impact protection on the back panel. By and large, it’s the most comfortable belt that’s still available (many gear companies have ceased production of kidney belts), and my personal favorite. If you know someone with a bad back, hook them up with one of these for only $32.95!

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