Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Presented by Cycle Gear

Back in the day, all motocross pants used to come with a set of knee and shin guards, and two foam hip pads. (Some still do come with hip pads, but it is rare) I used to laugh at dudes who actually used the hip pads, because they give you a really stiff look, and they make you look like you’re wearing soccer mom jeans.

A few years ago, I slammed the mat pretty hard and got my first hip stinger – you know, I slammed my hip on the ground so hard that it turned black and blue and began to swell almost immediately… By the time I got home, the side of my hip was so swollen, that I was sure that I had broken my pelvis or something. Unknowingly, I made matters worse by taking a 800mg ibuprofen for the pain, but that thinned my blood and caused the lump on my hip to grow even larger. The next day, I was unable to fit into my jeans because of the enormous growth on my hips, so I resorted to basketball shorts. Finally, I resorted to visiting a sketchy acupuncturist, who actually drained the swelling out of my hip and thigh with a needle and a bunch of suction cups. (Don’t ask me…traditional Chinese treatments can be strange!)

The moral of the story? Never make fun of anyone for wearing protective equipment, even if it looks goofy. Since then, I’ve started to ride now and again in some padded compression shorts like the Thor Comp SE Padded Compression Shorts. Everyone knows that compression is good for your muscles when you exercise, and the strategically placed biofoam padding on the sides of the shorts can protect against hip stingers and such. Best of all, they don’t give you the puffy look that traditional foam hip pads do.

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