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Unless you pay absolutely no attention to racing, you’ve undoubtedly seen most of the top racers wearing an Intake Breathing AC Band on their nose. While it would be easy to cut and paste Intake Breathing’s scientific mumbo jumbo paragraph in here and be done with this post, I’ll break it down into layman’s terms.

Do this. Close your mouth and inhale as deeply and quickly as you can through your nose. Did you feel the sides of your nose cave in? Now, flare your nostrils as hard as you can, then do the same thing. Notice how much more air you were able to take in? That, times 10, is what the Intake Breathing AC Band Kit helps you accomplish.

Scientific studies have proven that during vigorous exercise, breathing in and out through your nose is more effective and allows more oxygen to find its way into your bloodstream. Okay, I too am getting a bit too scientific now CLICK HERE if you wanna read about all the benefits of nose breathing.

But how does this funny looking nose band work? Basically, you have two square band aid-looking things. Inside each of them is a small steel disc. You affix these to each side of your nose, in the dimpled area atop your nostrils. The black band has two small, powerful magnets in each end, and when you clip it into your nose, the magnets pull the discs outward. The band should be a little wider than your nose so that the system opens up your nasal passages. Remember when Breathe Right strips were all the rage? Well, comparing the AC Band to a Breathe Right strip is like comparing a Yamaha PW50 to a YZ450F!

Riding with the AC Band on your nose is hard to comprehend until you try it. Breathing is SO MUCH EASIER with it in place. And without sounding like a bandwagon kook who’s bought into the latest snake oil, I have to say that breathing in and out of my nose while riding gives me a sensation of mental clarity and a greater ability to focus on my lines, etc. On a super hot day, nose breathing can also make the temperatures seem not as bad. At first, I thought that the short seven-lap local races I compete in were not long enough for me to enjoy the benefits of the AC Band, and as a result I’ve worn them mostly for mountain biking. A couple weeks ago, though, I raced in one and felt a noticeable difference in the way I felt. I don’t typically get arm pump or even really tire out in such short races, but I felt stronger and more fresh throughout the moto. Most of all, I was able to focus…

Bottom line? This is a really cool product that really works. From the first moto you ride in an AC Band, you can tell the difference. Intake Breathing has even set up a new subscription service, in which new tab stickers will be sent to you each month. Pretty cool!