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Do you remember pay phones? How about pagers? In this day and age of smart phones, it’s hard to imagine functioning without one. With my iPhone, I can talk, text, post to social media, compose and reply to e-mails, and even post to TransWorldMX.com! The problem is, however, that when I’m using it a lot, my phone lasts about as long as our Senior Contributing Editor Casey Davis during a night of romance. That’s where the POD-X1 comes in. Yeah, yeah, this gift guide is all about motorcycle-related gifts, and I’m getting there.

The POD-X1 is actually sold as a portable jump starter, and can jump start your car, truck, or KTM or Husqvarna motocross bike! Conveniently, though, it also has some USB ports and can be used to recharge your dead phone! To be honest, I use my POD-X1 on a near-daily basis to refresh my iPhone, but I’ve also used it a couple times to salvage my day at the track.

The new KTM SX-F dirt bikes are lighter than ever. Part of the weight savings came from the incorporation of new, super lightweight batteries. The problem with these new tiny batteries, though, is that every now and again, they die. I’m not talking about running low on juice and needing a good charge…I mean dead. Like, six-feet under. A couple months ago our 2015 450 SX-F Factory Edition battery took a dump at Zaca Station, a track we drove four hours to get to. Though it was a pain taking off the seat to access the battery terminals each time I started a moto, having the POD-X1 in the back seat of my truck sure saved the day. Sure enough, it fired up the big 450 with ease, and didn’t even need a recharge at the end of the day. A few weeks later, I used it to give some random at the grocery store a jump on his sweet Chevy El Camino. It pulled that off with equal style and grace.

The POD-X! costs $79.99 and it comes with jump starter cables, a cigarette lighter charger adapter, and a cable that has several different tails, one of which is sure to fit your phone or tablet. Again…not the most exciting gift, but one that I guarantee will be very appreciated when the time comes.

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