Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 16th 2016

MSR Folding Ramp


Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 16th 2016

MXR Folding Ramp

Price: $126.95

What It Is: MSR Hard Parts has a complete line of rad tools and accessories for dirt bikes, like this aluminum folding ramp. Seven feet long when unfolded, it has a 500-pound capacity and is made of 6061-TG aluminum.

Why It Is Cool: Since I started riding, I’ve had a lot of loading ramps. From some thousand-pound diamond plate ramps that my dad made back in the day, to the ones that unfold and double as a tailgate cage, to the traditional flimsy aluminum standard ones…I’ve had them all. The problem with the traditional aluminum ones for me; is that they have rails on the sides that you have to stay inside. This is a problem for me because A: I have bad aim, and B: I like to steer off the side of the ramp about halfway down when I’m unloading.

This folding ramp from MSR is badass! It looks plenty beefy and strong, and thus far it has proven to be indestructible. You have to take care not to pinch your fingers when folding and unfolding it, but as long as you’re careful, all is good! Unlike non-folding ramps, this bad boy does not flex under the weight of your bike, and its wide platform is wide enough to ride up easily. Folded, the ramp takes up very little space, and it’s just heavy enough to stay put and not slide out of your truck when you’re driving. The fingers that hold onto your tailgate are coated in thick rubber, so you don’t roach out your truck’s paint.

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