Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 20th 2016

2017 Justin Bogle Signature Dirt Scooter


Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 20th 2016

2017 Justin Bogle Signature Series Lucky Dirt Scooter

Price: $279.95

What Is Is:  A dirt scooter is meant to be ridden in – you guessed it – the dirt, and in comparison to the Razor Scooters that your dad had, the Lucky Dirt Scooter has big, grippy Kenda tires, and a super-beefy chassis to withstand the abuse of off-road riding. The Lucky Justin Bogle Signature dirt scooter was designed in partnership with RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team and Justin Bogle. Says the team at Lucky, “We redesigned the head tube and went with a plunge through design to make it bullet proof. We adjusted the welding temps and re-programmed the robots to weld with tighter precision and slower pace to really sink in the weld. We partnered with Kenda to bring a fresh new dirt jumper tire that is park friendly and screams in the hard packed dirt jump to gain traction and speed to go bigger! The solid design and high-end components on this new lineup of Dirt Scooters make for the ultimate dirt experience!”

Why It Is Cool: Let me start with a little backstory. In 2000 when The Sharper Image first started selling Razor Scooters, the first thing I thought was that they were made for kids who were too uncoordinated to ride a skateboard. Bingo! That’s me! My childhood skateboarding career came to an end when I hit and acorn and as my board came skidding to a halt, I lunged forward and sent my board flying backwards…straight into a rain gutter. I never got it back. For some reason, Razor sent us a sample scooter at TransWorld Motocross to test out, and of course, it immediately became the popular mode of transportation inside our office. Need to give Garth some slides? Ride the Razor. Need to get the mail? Ride the Razor. You get the picture.

When scooters became really popular and kids started taking them into the skateparks, I pictured them being the outcasts, much like rollerbladers were previously. But I never gave it another thought, really. Until a few years ago when my beautiful niece started dating this new guy…who was a former professional scooter rider. Needless to say, he became the butt of many of my jokes at holiday gatherings and on Facebook. I don’t care how tough a trick is…you’re still riding a scooter. Have these guys seen what they look like? I mean…c’mon.

Using a scooter as a mode of transportation, though, is totally cool in my eyes. Lots of pro motocross racers rely on scooters at the Supercross events to cut down walking time and save energy. Makes total sense! There’s even a scooter company that makes personalized scooters for many of the factory riders. Totally cool.

When I dropped my youngest daughter off at the dorms recently, I got her a sweet Specialized Alibi bicycle to ride to and from her classes. Her roommate, meanwhile, had a Razor Scooter. Though I admit to laughing at first, Megan told me that her roommate sometimes actually beat her to class because she never had to hassle with locking and unlocking her scooter up…she just folded it up and brought it inside with her. Touche’! Scooters: 1, Dad: 0.

Which brings me to the 2017 Justin Bogle Signature Series Lucky Dirt Scooter. When Justin first told me about his signature scooter, I cracked up. But then I saw what it looked like and was secretly kind of pumped. With big knobby balloon tires, I guess it’s made to roll well on hard-packed dirt. Sick, right? I mean, who’s to say that you can’t cut through a vacant dirt lot while you are going from point A to point B, right? Like a mountain bike – which looks way cooler than a road bike – the Lucky Dirt Scooter looks a lot cooler than a lame old Razor, not only because it’s built much tougher, but because it has CAPTAIN 891 on it!

Now, I do not endorse doing tricks on these things (but kids will be kids), but if there’s someone on your gift list who has to do a fair amount of commuting on foot, this is a badass gift! Get one. (I’m still waiting to see Justin riding his to the grocery store. But I’m patient…)

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