Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 2nd 2016

Thor Invert Gloves

The Thor Invert Glove $24.95

Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 2nd 2016

Thor Invert Gloves

Price: $24.95

What It Is: Thor MX debuted a pair of gloves in its 2017 line called The Invert, and it is basically a minimalistic glove that’s turned inside out, so that there are no internal seams to rub against your hand. They are available in seven different colors/graphic schemes, and they cost only $24.95!

Why These Are Cool: I’ll be honest. I’m a sarcastic ass and I’m quick to make fun of something that doesn’t impress me right from the get-go. At the same time, however, I’m never too closed minded to give anything a try, and I’ll be the first guy to admit when I was wrong about something.

Which leads us to the Thor MX Invert Glove. See the photo above? The glove was photographed on a hand and it looks sleek and sexy, right? Well, below, you can see what they look like in real life.


Granted, these babies are well worn and stained from me riding my mountain bike with them and having to fix a broken chain, but even so…they look like something I would have made if I knew how to operate a sewing machine. My friend at Thor MX, Scot Kowalsky, got mad at me when I told them that they looked like Raggedy Andy’s gloves, or like the oven mitts my wife uses to take a cake out of the oven. (See, I told you that I am an ass!)

That, friends, is the magic behind the Invert glove…it’s literally turned inside out! When the design team at Thor MX creates a new product – and in this case gloves – it thoroughly inspects the sample product. In the instance of new gloves, they turn them inside out to check the quality of the seams, etc. And that’s when the idea for the Invert Glove was born. Bingo!

Deft Family changed the way we all think about motocross gloves years ago with its minimalistic design that features no palm or knuckle padding. Thor MX took it one step further by turning their glove inside out and eliminating any chance of a seam or panel juncture irritating your hands. In case you haven’t noticed: yes, I’m very impressed with the feel of the Invert Glove and I’ve become a fan. Yes, they look a little strange because they are different, but the way they feel when you’re riding is awesome.

A couple notes… 1. The external seams did initially concern me and I feared that I would pinch the extra material between my palm and grip, rendering me unable to lift my fingers; but that was not the case at all on the bike. 2. The inside out design of the Invert Glove actually makes them run a bit large. I would suggest going down one size.

Thanks to their simple design, the gloves cost under 25 bucks. I’ve worn mine several times on my motorcycle and dozens of times on my mountain bike; and they have proven to be comfortable, durable, and functional. I whole heartedly give these bad boys two thumbs up!

For $24.95, you can put these in the stocking of your favorite dirt biker, and I guarantee that he (or she) will love them! CLICK HERE to get a set!

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