Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 8th 2016

Stance Rincon KR Knee Brace Socks

Price: $35

What It Is: In addition to being the hottest casual sock brand in the market, Stance Socks also produces a line of high-performance motocross socks in both standard and knee brace variations. We are talking today about the Rincon KR (Ken Roczen Signature) Knee Brace Socks (although the standard mx socks kick butt, too). The Rincon Knee Brace Sock features strategic mesh panels and a custom blend of moisture-wicking fibers. For protection against knee brace abrasion and irritation, the Rincon KR stands especially tall. It also applies compression in target areas while its elastic arch and deep heel pocket cradle the contours of your feet to offer light yet active support. Anatomically correct foot beds create an unrivaled fit and for a smooth ride that withstands the miles, this Fusion Moto sock sports a reinforced heel and toe.

Why It Is Cool: If you wear knee braces, you already know that riding without a knee brace sock is just asking for trouble. I forgot my knee brace socks last week when I went riding in the hills to shoot Twitch and his crew, freeriding in the hills. “No big deal,” I thought, “I’m not burning motos, just trail riding behind the dudes.” Man, was I wrong! By the day’s end, I had abrasions all over both legs from my knee brace straps, as well as two raw spots that were worn on the inside of each knee, where the pivot pad comes into contact with my knee where I squeeze the bike. I was hating it!

The Stance Rincon Knee Brace sock boats the bottom (ankle and foot) coverage of a standard Stance Moto Sock, but the top half is a tall compression sleeve that serves two purposes: keeping your muscles compressed and lactic acid-free, and protecting your skin from the types of irritation that mine were subjected to while riding without them! The strategically woven compression panels in the lower socks offer great support for your arch, and the entire Stance Moto Sock line is super durable. In addition to resisting abrasion holes in the toe and heel areas, the socks stay nice and tight, wash after wash, and don’t get clapped out like many standard motocross socks. What makes the KR versions especially cool, though, is the flower print. You have to be a bad dude to wear flowered undergarments while you ride, right? Get some of these babies for the rider on your Christmas list!

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