Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 9th 2016

ODI MX V2 Soft Lock-On Grips

Price: $24.95

What It Is: The guys at ODI invented lock-on grip technology, and though it is often copied, it is never duplicated. The ODI MX V2 Lock-On Grip is a staple at TransWorld Motocross, and they have even come standard on KTM motocross and off-road motorcycles for a few years now. That, people, is a testament to how good these things work. No glue, no safety wire, no mess. We were stoked to learn that the MX V2 now comes in a soft grip compound, too.

Why It Is Cool: Well, I kind of gave away the goods in the above description, now didn’t I? Seriously, the ODI Lock-On grip is pretty amazing: you just turn a 3mm Allen bolt and BAM it’s installed. No glue to mess with, no drying time…and no safety wire tangles! The kit comes complete with a throttle tube, too. Two-stroke or four-stroke; it doesn’t matter…the grips come complete with interchangeable throttle tube cams so you can make them work on any bike.

The grip pattern itself is a half-waffle, and it is just the right size. We’ve never blistered up while riding with ODI MX V2 Lock-On grips, and now that they are available in a soft rubber compound, too, we like them even more. At under 25 bucks, these are a great gift that will be appreciated for many motos to come.

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