Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Fenderbench

Price: $24.95

For years, when I worked on my bikes in the garage, I used to keep all of the nuts and bolts that I removed in one of those plastic plates with a magnetic base that you get at the auto parts store. The tools I was using, however, are usually strewn across the garage floor where they are easy to kick or trip on. Enter the Fenderbench. I promise you, I laughed at it when it first showed up at the TransWorld Motocross offices, but it has now become as important to me in the garage as my set of T-handle wrenches!

The Fenderbench attaches to your bike’s rear fender with an adjustable elastic strap, and it has five compartments to keep the parts organized and separate from each other. Best of all, it has notches to hang T-handle wrenches from, and holes to store screwdriver in. The tray itself can hold wrenches, sockets, etc…just about anything that the rear fender can support.

The only shortcoming of the Fenderbench? If there were to be one additional feature we wished for, it would be that one of the compartments was magnetized, so that you could toss nuts and bolts into it from afar and know that they will stick!

It’s a simple gift, but one that will definitely be used for years to come!