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Christmas can be brutal on your bank account, so over the next few days I will try to recommend some affordable (under or around $100) products that I have used and abused over the years, and can suggest with a clear conscience. – swap

“What the hell is this?” Yeah, we’re all friends here…that’s what came out of my mouth the first time a Fenderbench showed up on my office desk. Made of lightweight plastic, the Fenderbench looks a lot like the top lift-out shelf of a toolbox, but with one added feature: an adjustable strap that allows it to be secured to the rear fender of your bike.

I used to love working on dirt bikes. So much so, that I used to tear down the power valve assembly of my 1987 Honda CR250R and clean the carbon off of the parts, every other time that I rode. These days, with over a dozen test bikes to look after, I dread long days in the garage. Even simple tasks like changing oil or cleaning air filters can send me into a deep, dark funk. That said, making maintenance as simple and easy as possible is of the utmost importance to me these days. And how do you do that? Get organized! Before any maintenance task, I like to figure out what tools, parts, and supplies that I will need for the job. That’s where the Fenderbench comes in handy: strap that baby to the back fender and put all the required tools in one place, within arm’s reach! Six separate compartments within the Fenderbench provide storage areas for the nuts and bolts and other fasteners that come off the bike make keeping everything organized, easy. All four corners of the Fenderbench are slotted to hold T-handle wrenches, and there are also a few holes for screwdrivers, too.

An adjustable strap can attach the Fenderbench to any dirt bike fender.

Back in the day, I used to have a small plastic bowl with a magnetic bottom to keep the nuts and bolts in as I removed them. It was pretty handy and I was bummed when I lost it a few years ago when I moved. The Fenderbench has been my go-to accessory ever since then and now that I think about it; it smokes that old magnetic bowl because it holds tools, has separate compartments to keep your fasteners from getting mixed up, and is about three times as big.

Wanna know the best thing about the Fenderbench company? It’s owned by Phillip Hodges!

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