Grip Clean

$9.99 (10 oz tube)

Christmas can be brutal on your bank account, so over the next few days I will try to recommend some affordable (under or around $100) products that I have used and abused over the years, and can suggest with a clear conscience. – swap

A few years ago I volunteered at my brother’s shop – enzo racing – for a few weeks, as he had lost an employee and needed help in the disassembly and prep station at his busy suspension service shop. Learning to take apart forks and shocks gave me a deeper understanding of how they actually worked on the motorcycle, and the experience as a whole was largely beneficial to my role as a magazine editor and test rider. The toughest part of the job – believe it or not – was the physical exertion! You wouldn’t expect taking suspension components apart to be as tough as it is, but there is a lot of prying, banging, and bracing yourself that activates muscles in your body that you don’t normally use.

The second toughest part? Getting oily. I mean, covered in oil. My clothes, my hands, my arms…even my face one time when I didn’t properly prepare for the broken-down and aerated oil inside Adam Jones’ freestyle shock. I think I probably washed my hands over a dozen times per day in between sets of suspension, and I can attest to the performance of Grip Clean. I’ve worked in motorcycle shops before and used that orange pumice hand cleaner plenty, so believe me when I say that Grip Clean is far superior to any hand cleaner you’ve probably tried before. Best of all? It’s made by one of us! Grip Clean owner Bryce Hudson is a motocrosser. A pretty badass motocrosser. In fact, he’s got X Games medals to prove it!

Grip Clean is unique in that it uses actual dirt to help absorb and break up oil and grease. Coconut oil, lime oil, olive oil and cosmetic-grade clays make up the rest of the formula, and no matter how much you use it, Grip Clean won’t dry out your hands like other hand cleaners. I just checked out the website and it shows a chick using it…on her face! That said, I guess it is safe for whole body usage; which would have been good to know that one time I didn’t properly depressurize that Kawasaki KX450F shock…

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