Maxima USA BioWash and SC-1

$8.95 (BioWash); $10.50 (SC-1)

Christmas can be brutal on your bank account, so over the next few days I will try to recommend some affordable (under or around $100) products that I have used and abused over the years, and can suggest with a clear conscience. – swap

Way back in the day I had a clapped-out old 1983 Suzuki RM125 that I listed for sale and when I finally got a call responding to my ad in the Recycler, I ran out to the garage, covered the tires and fenders with Armor All, then coated every metal part with WD-40. The trick worked: the bike looked far better than it had before I applied the magical chemicals and I sold that baby for a cool thousand bucks.

Products for maintaining your dirt bike are far superior these days, and my favorite two products to clean up and make our fleet of test bikes pretty again are Maxima’s BioWash and SC-1 High Gloss Coating spray. “But isn’t soap, soap?” you ask? No. Sure, a gallon jug of Simple Green may be cheaper, but it doesn’t get the thin film of dirt left behind by a day of riding in epic conditions. Not without some elbow grease, that is. Maxima’s BioWash has proven super effective at breaking down all of the sludge left behind on our bikes time and time again. And the best part? Thanks to the drought in SoCal, my wife makes me wash the bikes on the lawn, so that all the water from my pressure washer is not going to waste. One time, my friend Masa bought some soap at the local Mexican market called Extremo or something. It was pretty gnarly at getting the bikes clean, but it left a giant dead spot on my lawn! Maxima BioWash is 100% bio-degradable and safe for grass, plants, and even spraying in your little brother’s face. (Kidding) A bottle only costs $8.95 and lasts about a dozen bike washes. Under ten bucks? That leaves you with extra cash to buy a can of SC-1, too!

Like the WD-40 that I used to pull the wool over those guys’ eyes decades ago, SC-1 gets your bike looking shiny and new again, only without the greasy, oily mess that WD-40 has. Best of all, SC-1 is great for keeping your bike clean and making clean up easier. How? Spray it under your fenders, on your wheels, and anywhere on your frame that mud tends to build up, and it will often fall off when it dries, or keep from sticking in the first place! After I wash a bike, I apply SC-1 to the engine, all the plastics, radiator louvers, and rims. Stay away from the seat cover unless you wanna slide all over the place, and you should also take care not to get it on your brake rotors. Years ago when I first reviewed SC-1 when I worked at the now-defunct Dirt Rider Magazine, I coined it “New Bike in a Can.” Oddly enough, that’s the slogan that Maxima uses for the stuff today. Hmmm… A can of SC-1 costs $10.50 and it can add literally hundreds of dollars to the sale of your used bike.

Trust me…if the person you’re shopping for isn’t worth getting a thousand-dollar exhaust pipe for, stuff their stocking with a bottle of BioWash and a can of SC-1.

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