ODI V2 Lock-On Grips


Christmas can be brutal on your bank account, so over the next few days I will try to recommend some affordable (under or around $100) products that I have used and abused over the years, and can suggest with a clear conscience. – swap

Years ago, the first set of ODI Lock-On Grips  I tried were kind of bogus, to be honest. They were really fat and had these big metal rings on each end that rubbed my sensitive baby hands wrong. At the time, the concept didn’t make sense to me and I dismissed them as a goofy product, much like the Uncle Moon H2O Visor or Roko Quick Strap.

Years later, the second version of the ODI Lock-On Grip – the V2 – was released and after my friend Kevin Stevens – who worked there at the time – urged me to give them a shot, I installed them on one of our test bikes. Installation literally took about 15 seconds on the left side, and installing the right side was as easy as clicking the correct throttle cam onto the tube and replacing the stock throttle tube. The new Lock-On system features only one metal ring, and it’s small and on the inside of the grip so you never feel it at all against your thumb.

V2 Lock-On Grips come in two-stroke and four-stroke versions, so make sure you choose the proper variety.

The half-waffle design of the grip is awesome and reminds me of the way I used to trim my old school OEM Honda grips back in the day. The diameter is just right for my hands (glove size 10) and the compound offers plenty of cushion for your palms. The original black version is one the firm side, and ODI recently offered a light grey soft compound, too. I really like those, too!

ODI V2 Lock-On Grips on our 2018 Honda CRF250R!

How good are the ODI V2 Lock-On Grips? KTM and Husqvarna have chosen them as OEM equipment on all of their off-road motorcycles! The Austrian factory put the grip through all sorts of durability and function testing before choosing them over traditional glue on or (gasp!) vulcanized grips. If you’ve ever tried to remove the stock throttle side grip from a Kawasaki or Suzuki, you know the horror we speak of. KTMs and Husqvarnas, in fact, are the only test bikes we leave the stock grips on. (They do, however, require ODI to produce custom versions for them replacing the standard 3mm Allen head bolt with a goofy Torx version.)

ODI V2 Lock-On Grips are guaranteed against slippage, and we can attest to the fact that they have never come loose on us. We’ve installed them on virtually every one of our test bikes for the past three years and have never had a failure. I love them! In fact, I was so happy with them one day, that I made the above video for them in my garage! Sham Wow who?


Here’s a nicer shot for those of you who don’t appreciate my iPhonetography.