Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | Rekluse TorqDrive Clutch Pack

Price: $349 (cable clutch bikes); $270 (hydraulic CSS); $249 (hydraulic DDS)

The Rekluse Core Manual Torq Drive clutch system is popular in motocross and Supercross racing, thanks to its ability to transfer maximum power to the rear wheel with virtually no slip. The kit utilizes thinner-than-stock clutch and friction plates (oftentimes replacing the eight stock friction and drive plates with up to a dozen of each thinner Rekluse plates). For cable-actuated bikes like the 2018 Kawasaki KX450F we tested the product on, the kit also includes lighter-than-stock clutch springs and basket sleeves that are inserted in between the basket arms of the stock clutch basket. The original Rekluse Core Manual Torq Drive clutch kit also included an inner hub, but the more economical Torq Drive Clutch Pack eliminates the need for the aftermarket hub by changing the drive plate pattern to worth with the OEM parts. The entire Rekluse Torq Drive Clutch Pack is easy to install. Though we were intimidated at first by the basket sleeves that protect the basket from notching, they proved to be simple to install. All told, it took less than a half hour to drain the oil, remove the stock plates, install the Torq Drive Clutch Pack, and add new oil. Because the thinner, more plentiful Rekluse clutch plates grab better, the springs can be of a lighter rate. The light feel at the lever is much appreciated. Down low, the throttle response and acceleration of our KX450F test bike was drastically improved. We never realized how much a standard clutch slips when you crack the throttle, but it becomes very apparent with the Rekluse Torq Drive installed. Power is instantaneous! At the risk of offending all of our friends in the aftermarket exhaust industry, we'd venture to say that investing in a $350 Rekluse Torq Drive Clutch Pack is a better investment on a 450cc motocross bike than an aftermarket exhaust. It's that good.


We caught up with the Rekluse team at last month’s AIM Expo in Las Vegas. To better understand how the system works, watch this video.